about us

creatively YOU blog designs offers free blog designs that are creatively you. If you have a certain look you are trying to accomplish, we would love to work with you to accomplish the exact look you want. 

We are just two bloggers who have discovered the beauty in blog design. Looking at the beautiful designs of popular and inspirational bloggers, we knew that we could no longer go with Blogger presets. Thus, we began messing with our HTML, headers, buttons, etc. We were consistently changing our designs, and knew that we couldn't just be working on our own blogs. Thus, this site. 

When people visit your blog, you only have a few moments to make an impression. Sometimes it can appear messy,  too bright, unorganized, etc. That can steer a lot of people away. Even though blogging is really about writing to share your thoughts with others, your design is crucial to the whole process. A beautiful design enhances your blog and the contents.

We truly hope that your experience with us will be enjoyable, and the result will be creatively YOU.

francesca & mary ann

(ashlyn is no longer a part of the team, but you'll see some reviews of her work!)