While we enjoy working with each and every one of you, there are a few policies that we have to ensure protection for us, as well as you.

For us:

  • We cannot design any blog with inappropriate content. We mantain the right to choose whose blogs we design. If we decline, without leaving you specifics, it is no personal offense, just personal choice.
  • We work very hard to personalize and perfect each design. If you decide to order a design, please make sure you're serious about wanting a change. We request that you leave the design up for at least a month, during which time we will be happy to make any tweaks or fix any issues that need attention.
  • While we are happy to make tweaks, you need to be very specific when ordering. We have limited time and resources, and considering we offer "free"...
  • We maintain the right to keep a small link to this site on your blog.
For you:

  • We will not leave you hanging- we will get back to you as soon as possible. Though we can't guarantee immediate work- we can get busy- we try our best.
  • We do not require personal information.
  • We don't charge anything - your blog design is free!

We thank you for allowing us to work with you.