what we offer.

Here's a list of what we offer - when you order, please include your preferences for each.

Do you like...
  • one photo headers?
  • a collage?
  • or just a "fancied up" text? [as seen on this blog.]
  • sidebar headers? hover or just one picture?
Tips for headers: If you are a photographer or an aspiring one, a photo collage might be for you. Choose some of your best pictures. It can make a huge impact. 

 Whilst we both love the simplicity of white or a plain color, sometimes a background is a nice change. It reflects your style. 
  • Just plain white? or one color?
  • We only do one layer/image image of backgrounds. We use striped/polka-dot/chevron/etc. images from Google.  When ordering, specify what style and color, and we will send you an email with several links. You can also browse yourself, and we'll see what we can do! {smiles.}

Buttons are an extremely nice gadget to have on your blog; it allows people to share the love!
  • Do you want a plain color with some text?
  • A photo? 
  • Sometimes a button with your photo on it, can be more attractive and more YOU!
Buttons are a fun way to advertise your blog.

Drop Down Accordion Menus.
These are so much fun! These are completely customizable and free up a lot of room on your blog's pages and sidebars. Example: two pages devoted entirely to "about me" and "contact" can both be fit into two menus. 

  • As many "drop downs" as you want. One, two, ten! 
  • The color customization is amazing. 
  • The width, thickness [padding] can be changed to our liking. 
  • Easy to change once you take a look at the HTML.
Hover/Non-Hover Link to Pages.
You don't have to tell us. Just plain ol' links to your pages can be boring. We can make some that will go with your overall theme to your blog.

  • Customization of Post Titles, Dates, Titles in Sidebars, and Comments. Sometimes, a centered post title looks better. Or maybe you like it to the left.
  • "Reply to this Comment" gadget added. 
  • Perchance you like borders. These are easily added and add a nice feel to your blog.

If you don't know what any of these are, just ask and we'd be happy to give you a link to a working example!