At this time, we are not accepting new design orders. 
We are in the midst of welcoming a new team member and saying goodbye to another. We've gotten a ton of new orders in the past month that we simply don't have the time to fill. Thank you so much for your patience as we sort things out and try to get through the waiting/working lists.

If you'd like to be placed on the waiting list when we start accepting orders again, please leave a comment on this post.

Ready to order?
(have you been over what we offer, our packages, and our policies?)
To contact us about your blog design or with any questions, please e-mail us at


please do not contact us via our personal email addresses - it's okay to request a specific designer, but we'd like to have all our orders in the same inbox. thanks!


  1. I'd like to be placed on the waiting list, please.


    1. I emailed you/her! :)

    2. I'd like to be on your waiting list?

      If I decide to go with a different designer, may I opt out?

    3. Hey, Natalie! We actually closed Creatively You a few months ago, so we aren't accepting any new design orders, ever! Sorry for the confusion; I guess we should delete this page. Good luck finding a new designer!