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I love Creatively You Designs! I worked with Mary Ann: she was great, and very easy to work with! I love the design I have, and even when I changed my mind, Mary Ann had patience, and made the perfect design for me! Go to my blog and check it out :D I recommend Creatively You Designs all the way!

Ashlyn was very awesome, I loved having her as my designer,  and I am so happy with my design. Thank you so much!!!

Let me start by saying, they filled my satisfaction and desire for my blog. The blog make-up is just undeniably simple but brilliant. They make my blog superflous than what I wanted it to be. I like it. No. I love it, rather. It suits and shape myself as what I am. It's just originally and creatively ME.

I was so, so, so, impressed with my new design!! I love it and Mary Ann was easy to work with and was VERY creative! Thanks!

Mary Ann is so awesome! She did amazing with my design, even if you don't know much about HTML (i.e. me) she'll make it really easy to understand. Thanks Mary Ann!!

Creatively You is AMAZING! Mary Ann did mine {which is adorable!} and she always replied to my emails very quickly. She had the design finished and installed within 4 days, and was very sweet. The fact that these lovely designs are free is soooo cool, and the only price you have to pay is that the designer's name and a link to Creatively You is put somewhere on your blog...I don't mind that at all, because she deserves the advertisement! All in all, Creatively You is really awesome, and I would recommend them to everybody! :)

Creatively You: Ashlyn, Francesca, and Mary Ann are the designers, but Mary Ann was the one who designed my blog. She did my background, my blog title, my post title, and the font. {I absolutely ADORE the fonts!} Oh, and did I mention that it's FREE.. Yup....Free. Ummh, awesome blog design for free? It can't get much better!

The colors you used were just was I was looking for and yes, it does display my personality.
Your replies were very fast and I was actually suprised at how soon my design was finished! It was very professional work. You paid attention to every little detail and you were very patient. I would definitely order from you again! Thanks so much, it was a pleasure!

Thank you thank you thank you! A million times. You've been awesome! ...How did you work with me? You were awesome, you were able to do exactly what I asked for and more, helping make all the little tweaks to make it perfect. How fast were replies - uber fast. I would email you and like an hour later I would have a response.Now that, THAT, is what I call customer service! How professional - I'd say very, everything looked great and well put together, like you spent a good amount of time on it making it perfect, but amazingly it was done in no time at all! Would you order again - Um.... YES! Please! You were great. Thanks a million times!

Mary Ann was very quick to respond to my emails and design my blog. It took 5 days for the whole design process, from me emailing Mary Ann about designing my blog, to her installing it. She gave me a totally sweet design and I'm happy about it. The Creatively You site is well put together and easy to navigate. If you are thinking about getting a design from Creatively You, I say you should do it. The designs are really cute, plus they're free. What's better than a cute, FREE blog design?

Oh, It's fabulous!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

I'd been looking for a free blog designer for awhile, and so when I found Creatively You I contacted Mary Ann ASAP to see if she'd be willing to make me a custom design. She agreed and got to work quickly. Only a few days later, my blog design was installed in all its glory! Mary Ann created a wonderful, simple and whimsical design for my blog, she always replied to my emails quickly, she listened to my ideas and suggestions, and installed the completed design easily and without a single problem. I would definitely recommend Creatively You if you want an attractive, professional and FREE blog design - thanks again, Mary Ann! ♥
-Taylor Lynn

Francesca was such a pleasure to work with. From the moment I browsed her portfolio, I knew that she was the right designer for me. She did everything I asked, (plus more!) and also worked very quickly with the design. I couldn't have had a better first experience with Creatively You. I look forward to using them for my future designing needs!