At this time, we are not accepting new design orders. 
We are in the midst of welcoming a new team member and saying goodbye to another. We've gotten a ton of new orders in the past month that we simply don't have the time to fill. Thank you so much for your patience as we sort things out and try to get through the waiting/working lists.

If you'd like to be placed on the waiting list when we start accepting orders again, please leave a comment on this post.

Hannah S: Francesca
Elisha: Mary Ann

Hannah Z: Francesca

Jordan: Mary Ann
Alexandrea: Mary Ann
Moriah: Haley
Madeline: Mary Ann
Melanie: Ashlyn
Christela: Mary Ann
Arianna: Mary Ann
Marcia: Ashlyn
HananiYah: Ashlyn
Erynn: Mary Ann
Elisha: Mary Ann
Rebecca: Ashlyn
Sophie: Mary Ann
Hope: Mary Ann
Autumn: Francesca
Emily: Ashlyn
Hannah: Francesca
Maura: Mary Ann
Bleah: Ashlyn
Belle: Mary Ann
Rebecca: Mary Ann
Erin: Mary Ann
Bethany: Francesca
Madelyn: Francesca
Gracie: Ashlyn
Maya: Ashlyn
Taylor Lynn: Mary Ann
Melody: Ashlyn
Ellie: Ashlyn
Trinka: Mary Ann
Rachel: Ashlyn

where did you go?
this is the section for customers who requested a blog design, but never emailed us back. sad!

Ella: Mary Ann
Gretchen & Katie: Mary Ann

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